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Ram Charan Comments on Pawan Kalyan's Political Re-Entry.

Pawan kalyan political entry is buzzing around in media and social media too is discussing about this issue from a long time. Many Tollywood stars suggested Pawan kalyan to quit and few appreciated him to go on with his choice.
Making all his strength together Pawan kalyan will start a new party on this Sunday and make an official announcement at his press meet. But what are his family members think about his political entry and whom will they support.
Ram charan was asked same question today and he tried to skip this question but after media forced him to speak for few mins he said that “It’s his wish to come into politics and that’s good, I support my dad in politics and personally I can support Pawan kalyan. Hope he does well in Politics”.
Ram charan seems to be struck between his family members and was not able to decide whom to support. SO he answered in a smart way to get rid of this situation.

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